Credit to Hot Hardware who may have gotten this from Fanless Tech. I’m not really sure who first released this anymore.
Intel’s upcoming NUC 13 Rugged edition has been leaked by a product catalog on This fanless IP50 rated mini-machine sports an Intel Atom CPU at 12 watts, DDR5-4800, 2.5 Gb ethernet, and a sim card slot. Sounds like a great system for a car...

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Cat-Dog Perch Manager
May 18, 2020
An Intel atom? Oh, come on Intel. Atoms are fine for a NAS--but for anything else, they're the PowerPC of x86.
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King of Cable Management
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Oct 11, 2015
I have painful memories of Intel Atom from buying a horribly underpowered netbooka decade ago. The name make me shudder!
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