Anandtech Intel Announces New Wave of Optane and 3D NAND SSDs

Today Intel is announcing updates to most of their SSD product lines. Their products based on 3D NAND are being updated to use Intel's 144-layer QLC and TLC NAND. On the Optane side of the business, we have detailed specifications for the first product to use second-generation 3D XPoint memory, and an updated Optane Memory caching solution for client PCs. Intel has also revealed the code name for their third-generation Optane persistent memory modules, which will be launching along Sapphire Rapids Xeon processors.

  • SSD D7-P5510 - Datacenter NVMe, 144L TLC
  • SSD D5-P5316 - Datacenter NVMe, 144L QLC
  • SSD 670p - Client/Consumer NVMe, 144L QLC
  • Optane SSD P5800X - Datacenter NVMe, Second-gen 3D XPoint
  • Optane Memory H20 - Client NVMe, 144L QLC + 3D XPoint
  • Optane Persistent Memory 300 Series: Crow Pass - 3D XPoint DIMMs

Some of these products have already started shipping and are officially launching this month, while others are merely being announced today and will be launching in 2021, with full specifications and pricing disclosed closer to launch.

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