Enclosure In-Win BP691 thoughts?


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Mar 6, 2017

I originally was looking at the In-Win Chopin for a future APU build once either AMD builds a 6+ core APU or Intel can finally improve their iGPU.

I have numerous concerns with the Chopin after watching Hardware Unboxed's 2400G build in the case. I really like the mesh panel it has, but CPU cooler height is too restrictive and I remember one person say:
"I've never heard anything good about Flex-ATX mostly because I couldn't hear anything over it".

This BP 691 appears to remedy most issues and includes a few key features missing in the Chopin:

1. Has a case intake fan
2. Has more cooler height
3. TFX has a bigger, and probably quieter fan
4. Can add an external 5.25 multi-media bay (yay no more hubs/dongles cluttering my desk)
5. 1x Low Profile PCI-e slot

I would however dislike giving up that perforated mesh side panel the Chopin has, but I feel this case has more modding potential than the Chopin. For example I could make an acrylic side-panel window and cut out a hole over the CPU and mount one of those 120mm PSU grills:

I could also add a carrying handle.
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