How do I SFF-ify my PC?


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Mar 6, 2017
I don't know what I should do and I want to transform this desktop into an HTPC and then get a gaming laptop to replace my desktop, My reasoning is that a laptop gives me more freedom and these days they've got desktop-strength GPUs so if I ever wanted I could just plug it into my monitor + paripherals and whalla I've basically got a desktop that I can use on the go and plug into my "battle station" when I get home.

This is my current desktop:
DZ77SL-50K LGA 1155 Motherboard
650W PSU EVGA 80+ Bronze
Intel i5 3450 CPU
12GB DDR3 RAM (two 4 GB+ two 2 GB)
Sapphire Nitro RX 460 (4GB) GPU
500GB HDD (Toshiba I think) + 240GB Sandisk G25 SSD
Antec VSK 4000E Mid Tower Case
CRYORIG M9i Mini CPU Cooler
2 120mm fans (one intake one outtake)

my options seem to be:

1. Try to find a new SFF ATX case (does such a thing even exist?) so that I can keep all my hardware and put the most money toward a new laptop I want

2. Find an mITX motherboard for my current CPU and find a new ITX case.

3. Wait for and buy the 130 dollar entry level Ryzen CPU and overhaul most of the other components in the process save the RX 460 because that's still a really nice card for an HTPC IMO.


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Jun 22, 2015
The downsides to a desktop replacement are:
1) fans are smaller and turn louder
2) few components are replaceable or upgradeable, meaning that the wrong failure leads to owning an expensive doorstop
3) typically less connectivity options (type and number) compared to a desktop
4) you will need to carry a power brick, as gaming capable DTRs are ususally murder on battery life
5) if you get an Optimus system (are they even made anymore?) you may have issues (like me) with not being able to specify the preferred GPU with some applications or games, as the dGPU is wired to the video outputs
6) pricey for similar performance as desktops

I'm actually going the other way from a gaming laptop to a desktop system. I'll keep my laptop for gaming on the road (as long as it stays alive), but I'm tired of the downsides listed above.