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Jan 25, 2018
I have never used a high refresh rate (>120Hz) monitor before. Of course, I have seen them being displayed in shops. But I wish to listen to opinion from those who have used for an extended period of time.

The main benefit of having a high refresh rate is to avoid 'tearing' in some fast pacing FPS games. Correct? Other than this, what other benefits does a high refresh rate monitor give?

Gaming aside, does using a high refresh monitor differ much from using a 60Hz monitor? Daily usage like web surfing and watching Youtube and word processing do not benefit much? I am now a casual gamer and wonder if the next monitor should stay at 60Hz or going for a >120Hz one.


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Jun 29, 2015
For me tearing occurs when you have vsync turned off, but I may be mistaken. As I see things, higher refresh rate will allow you to see stuff sooner and react faster (since the image will be refreshed more often, provided that your rig is fast enough of course).

It "might" help you with FPS games, that's what a "pro gamurz" would say ... but I'm sceptical about it. For daily use, you won't notice the difference. Still images will still be still, YT vids are at best 60Hz but more often 25/30fps.

Since you're a casual gamer, you'd better invest in a quality panel rather than a fast panel. But that's my 2cents based on my priorities ;)
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Jul 7, 2017
I started using an Asus VG248 about 6 years ago, the original 144 Hz gaming monitor, I am currently using a Dell 1440p 165 Hz G Sync monitor. Thing I like the best about high refresh rate monitors is reaction time, especially if you play a lot of FPS. When I game I use a lot of fast movement, turning and dodging and the monitor is easily able to keep up with the game. Using the monitor for normal daily useage it just works like an ordinary monitor.


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Feb 20, 2017
The main benefit of having a high refresh rate is to avoid 'tearing' in some fast pacing FPS games. Correct?
No, high refresh rate doesn't do anything to tearing in itself. What does is the sync technologies like Freesync and G-Sync, which said high refresh gaming monitors will typically support.

High refresh rate just gives you more data quicker, so smoother feel, ability to react faster etc.

Not much of a difference for desktop work.
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