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May 23, 2020
Hi, new member here, though plenty of past experience building PCs of various form factors. I'm currently using a rather old Lian Li Q08-based ITX build (Asus P8Z77-I / i5-3570K / 8GB / GTX 1060). I've recently decided that now is the time to build a replacement and the NZXT H1 looks like the case I want to use so I have one on back order, though here in the UK it looks like it won't be till the end of June that we might see stock arrive. Still, it is providing me plenty of time to properly plan out my build!

Initially I was thinking of going for a Ryzen 3600 build with either a RTX 2060 Super or 2070 Super, though the lack of front USB C on either the B450 or X570 boards was a bit of a let down and with both the 10600K and B550 launches approaching I thought I would wait to see what Intel offered from a CPU side (and since the Z490 boards had front USB C that wasn't a concern), and whether the B550 ITX boards would introduce USB C headers.

So far it looks like the B550 boards will fit the bill as Asus, ASrock and MSI all seem to offer front USB C so I think it will come down to overall prices when the case is ready to ship and how a 10600K/Z490 build stacks up against a B550 board and whatever Ryzen chip I can stretch to. By the time the case finally arrives I'm hoping GPU prices will start to drop with the newer nvidia and Radeon cards on the horizon.
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May 9, 2015
Welcome to the forum ! The NZXT H1 is a case that for many makes SFF something that's feasible, I have a friend who's also waiting on it.