Hi from a Dan A4 & Mjolnir owner

Hey there.

I started with a Dan A4 case that's got an old i7-3770 and a 1070 Ti. It works well but it's getting old.

So, I waited forever and got a Mjolnir RGB case + a bunch of extras from Kickstarter. Great but I have nothing that fits to put in it. :-( Well, I have a Gigabyte ATX X570 board (obviously won't fit) and an EVGA 3080 Ti which won't fit either.

So... the Mjolnir build is on pause and I am looking to get the parts I *do* have into something.

I'd love suggestions for a small case that can hold an ATX board. The only one I see is the P-ATX V2 or the N-ATX. Suggestions?

Anyway, this forum is great and many of the things everyone does are amazing. Thanks for pushing the 'craft'.



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May 9, 2015
Welcome to the forum ! For a temporary ATX case, take a look at the Thermaltake Core G3. It's basic, but it's also very inexpensive.

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