Help with a watercooled atx to sffpc swap


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Jun 11, 2018
Hi first time poster here and was hoping to get some help from the pro's since reddit is not being tremendously helpful lol.

So I've got a cheap diy midtower case i got for my first build about 2 years ago and i hate it. Its huge, poorly made, and just all around is not a good case. I have very, very bad internet at home, so for anything over a GB in size i have to haul this 40lb+ monstrosity down a flight of stairs and manage my son and well it sucks having to lug that thing around. Which is why im going sffpc.

I am basically a fiddler at heart, i enjoy making things better or faster. Which is why overclocking, and more importantly water cooling is important to me. I really had my heart set on a full custom loop ncase m1 but upon looking at the cost of the swap that very quickly fell to the way side. Looking at the silverstone sg13 mesh right now, but unsure about some things.

Initial plans involved swapping out my 240mm AIO for thicker 120mm one, but the problem is the gpu. I have a msi seahawk x 1080 ti i sold a kidney for and am not willing to part with it or swap to air on. And just from what little i could find online it does not look like a thick 120 rad, a 25mm fan, and a regular 120 rad will fit. And my golden sample 1600x would cook and degrade on a regular 120 aio. I know this because the 240mm AIO struggles sometimes with keeping temps where i need them to be to run the voltage needed and not kill my chip lol. Now i can back off the voltage a little and compensate with LLC but I really would like to be able to stay north of 4.1ghz and i need 1.38v to do that. This setup pushes temps into the mid 50's low 60's cpu cryptomining. I need to be able to operate under 70c for that overclock not to degrade the chip. I know what the stated tjmax for ryzen cpu's are please don't bring it up, i've personally ruined 2 ryzen cpu's following AMD's robert hallock's advice and just going off the spec sheet. Long story short the TJMAX needs to be assessed and adjusted as you go up the volt and temp range.

Second concern i have is of course for the VRM's. On a gigabyte x370 gaming k7 mosfet temps hit 60c with literally a shit ton of airflow, and while not known for having the best vrms on the x370 chipset it is still better than almost all of the x370 boards excluding asrock taichi and asus CH6 hero. This is with 4 intake fans and 3 exhaust fans and a 90mm fan pointed at the board. IDK which ITX board I will be using because of the impending x570 boards but lets just say i use the strix x470i as thats about the price and quality point im going to be at. So million dollar question could the strix board's VRM's manage 100a and 200w on the cpu package? And if not, how long until I have to replace the magic smoke that leaked from said motherboard?

Final concern. Data storage on my current setup is a 240gb nvme m.2 drive, a 250gb sata ssd, a 2tb 3.5 hdd tiered with the sata ssd, and a 500gb backup drive. The 500gb backup can go, but is there anyway to meet all of the above
listed problems AND somehow shove the 2 TB in there somewhere? If not i guess its as good a time as any to go full SSD, but limiting cost from the swap is pretty high on my list so if you have any ideas please throw them at me.

Ok, thats it. I know, I know, I'm being pretty specific and demanding. I know, there are literally a ton of larger itx cases that could do all of these things. But with the frequency I move the thing around I really need something that can fit into a backpack and at least partially tick off some the concerns above. I'm steering clear of the "boutique" cases due to cost, which is why the sg13 is my primary focus right now. If you can think of any cases with a similiar footprint and cost I am open to suggestions. Also any recommendations for a 700w sfx psu? Before anyone says a 600w is enough I should add my 1080ti has the xoc bios with no power limit and it regularly smacks 500w like it owes it money. Thanks!!!!