Help Needed - Duster + Pins = Motherboard Ruin!

Hello everyone!

I need your help!

While taking my PC to bits I accidentally caught the CPU pins on the motherboard in a duster and ripped some of them out.The motherboard is no longer available (Asrock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4 itx/ac) so I was wondering if anyone had the skills to replace or fix the pins? I believe it requires some soldering. If you are able to do this, and live in the UK, please can you send me a message to discuss. There’s a possibility I can get a replacement socket from another non-working board, and I will of course pay for the work done.

Yours hopefully,


Shrink Way Wielder
Jan 25, 2018
Broken pins cannot be soldered back and the entire socket needs to be replaced. Usually, such a repair is not justified due to high cost as you might just buy a new board.
Z390 boards are not that old. It is unlikely you will find it in a store but I think it is not hard to find it online, especially used.

Or, replace the old one with a new LGA1151 socket, which should be of Intel standard spec and thus fits all mainboard brand. Sourcing one is easy. The hard part is to find someone skillful enough to do the replacement. I think the best is to find a local computer repair shop to do it for you.

LGA1151 socket, for an example, is available here (quite cheap too):-