Help: NCase Cooling Issue!


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Dec 10, 2019
Good day all,

Thought I'd ask for help here as I found this forum with my cooling issue.
My specs are in this PC Partpicker list;

For some reason my CPU keeps hanging around 50 - 60 degrees C idle.
I installed the extra fan bracket and put one of the Corsair Silence Fans in there.

The GPU is also running at 50C idle and I feel like that can be done better.
I tried underclocking there, what not with Radeon Adrenaline, but no success.
50C is the best I can get it there. Maybe the HD on the bottom not helping?

I can send some images later off my setup, let's see if I can find a similar for now to mine.

Ofcourse with GPU at the bottom there too.