By Toutatis!
Apr 4, 2016
I'm an avid reader of this forum, just having some free cycles to say hi!!!! :)

Howdy @ccamacho, welcome to the forum!

Please spare some of those free cycles to check our terms, conditions and rules. It is especially important to read them if you are wanting to buy or sell, as the information you need to gain access to that subforum is all in there.

Also, as part of our community moderation efforts, we don't let new users edit posts or links for a bit, so report your post using the "report" button if you need it deleted/modified (or just post something like "sorry double post above" or "the above post is wrong, here's the updated one:... ").

The report button is also useful if you observe spam or any other suspicious activities going on.

Enjoy & have fun!
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