Hello there from a french technical designer

Well well well,

I'm Pierre, a technical design manager (Only one technical designer and an apprentice under me though) and a 'casual' gamer pretty much only on PC but I do like some console gmaing from time to time, just not my thing since I'm bad with controllers in hand.
I began modelling and designing when I was young (around 11) and made it my work after learning the ways of designing and making on machines (both manual or automated). I designed some industrial and wine tanks, then went to some advertisement panels, safety features (railings...) to whole units of production and some equipments (for safety or production) since I entered a sugar factory where I currently work.

I've always loved SFF, but couldn't always find waht I was looking for. So here I am, thinking about a line of case, probably from mini Itx to full E-ATX, I'll see where I go.
For starters, I'll go for a full size ATX build, but since I'm still working on the design, I won't show it there before doing some IRL test on the concept.
I followed threads here from some times, but never registered before now.

Hope to read and learn from you and exchange with you about thoughts, processes, making... and so on.


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May 9, 2015
Welcome to the forum ! Technical designers often have interesting concepts to share, be sure to not leave us hanging !
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Jun 26, 2020
Thank you for the warm welcome.
I too hope to not let you hang out too long about my concepts, but I have them really just as concept for the moment. I have to make a first try with some cheap materials before going further and propose it here.