Hello SFF, DanCase a4 owner here, and pretty soon a4 h2o !

Hello team,

I am currently the owner of the following build:
- Dancase a4 v4.1
- Asrock H570m/itx ac motherboard
- 32 GB of Ballistix 3600c16 ram (2x16)
- Intel I9-11900 CPU (non-K)
- Asetek 645LT aio
- WD SN850 1TO main nvme
- Samsung 970 EVO 2TB second nvme
- Samsung 2TO SSD in the front bay
- a noctua fan at the bottom
- Corsair SFX 750 platinum PSU
- Gigabyte Eagle RTX 3070 GPU

I will pretty soon (april) receive a a4 h2o from Caseking, the goal will be to fit a 240 aio but keep for now the current configuration.
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Jun 29, 2015
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