Hello from Germany

I am Chris from Germany and I am new in this forum.

After a couple years with C64, Amiga 500/2000/4000 I switched to a Windows 95 PC. But the deigns of PC cases at that time was just ugly. A few years later I started with my first high quality aluminum pc case (Coolermaster ATC-101 for an incredible price of 400€/465$ in 2001!!) in a time, when all other PCs were just beige.

Later when I switched to SFF/ITX I had a silver Silverstone SG06. Then came a second PC for bluray playback on TV in ultra compact, massiv silver Aluminium case Streacom F7C. Later I switched this PC to a smaller silver Streacom F1C.

A couple weeks ago I decided to build a new main PC end of the year with the new Intel i7 12th Gen.
I wanted to buy a silver NCASE M1 which is just beautiful. But this one is now end of life and out of stock :-(. But luckily I found the last one on eBay for a fair price.

But now I am still looking for the top cover for ODD in silver.


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Jun 19, 2015
Welcome to the forum !

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Hope to see you around, enjoy the wonderful world of SFF !
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