Hello from Germany!

Hello SFF-Community!

This is Sven from Germany. To be honest I'm follow SFF forum and the SFF scene for years now. I used a lot of post and intel from this forum (as well as many subreddits). Whenever I was having a specific question someone already asked it over here. Unfortunately, I never was the kind of poster – since all my questions could be already answered in some of those existing threads. This will change now!

I finally want to change this and finally joining after years of silent reader as active user to this forum.
I’m interested in computers for ~15 years now and since then I was always building my own computers. For many years now (I guess it must have started like around five to six years) I’m addicted to those Mini Rigs and small powerful SFF Builds. After the first usefull ITX Board releases like Z87 Motherboards I really was questioning the normal Mid-Towers. And I startet using Mini-ITX only. And the reald addiction startet some years later when I was building a custom loop in a Nano S. After managing this I thought what about even smaller then there was the NCase M1. And from that point on I wanted to build smaller and smaller … The addiction grew and some time I go I even started my own small business for SFF builds and cable mods etc ... nothing fancy but that was the only way to have a reason to build several rigs a year :)

My SFF bucket list so far:

- SFF Addicted ( CHECK )
- Full Custom Loop in a SFF case ( CHECK )
- 50+ (professional & private) SFF Builds ( CHECK )
- Bought crap SFF Case from AliExpress ( CHECK )
- Burst AIO tubes due to tiny build ( CHECK )
- Preordered a SFF Case ( CHECK )

- design and manufacture own SFF case ( OPEN )
- Full Custom Loop in a sub 10L case ( OPEN )
- 100+ (professional & private) SFF Builds ( OPEN )

So, as you can see there is a lot of open tasks scheduled :)
And finally, I decided to join this forum as active member. I hope to stay active and help many other SFF addicts with my knowledge and experience.

CuMiCo / Sven