Hello fellow SFFPC enthusiast

Hello everyone,
I'm Maurice aka NaughtyDaxter. About 9 years ago my interest in building PC's starts, at the beginning with some random chunky ATX pc-case.
It took my 3-4 years to notice how much performance you can get out of "small PC's" and I start to look into building a small PC for myself.
That's about the time when I was for the first time encounter with the therm "SFFPC".

Finally, late 2017 I was able to buy my first "SFFPC" a Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Shift. It was a real pleasure to build inside this pc-case and I decided for me that in the future there is only on direction "How big my next pc-case is going to be. Or should I say how small :)"

Since then, I owned a Streacom DA2, Luna Design DNK-H, Lenovo m720q and finally my current case an FormD T1.
On my must-have list for the future is an NFC Skyreach 4 MINI.

I was always excited to see what kind of cool stuff people can create, and so I got inspired.
So my plans got for the future is to offer people custom modifications for their systems with the best overall quality experience.
My Life Goal would be to become a (co-)designer / Prototype producer of a new "SFFPC".

that's it for today. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask :D

Maurice aka NaughtyDaxter
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