Hello Fellow SFF community

Hello fellow SFF community !

I am a long time lurker since I started to work on a SFF project.
My first thinking process started back in December 2020 and I am planning to build in a Ncase M1 ( a full EGB build with tempered glass haha).
I built a mid range PC for my sister back to last Christmas as a gift (an ATX case) and that made me want to build my own one.
It will be a challenge for me since the only PC I ever built by myself was this last one. But I was proud to be able to do it alone from A to Z and knowing she can now play Read dead redemption II in ultra 1080P at 120 FPS for a 1000$ budget.

Why a SFF : Well first I am living in Tokyo and apartment are pretty small here, so space optimization is important.
I do not want to hide it below the desk and I like the idea to have a small pretty formula 1 on my desk.
And I like the challenge !

I will do my best to share my feedbacks during the building process and I hope you can also bring me your support !

Thank you for reading


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Jun 19, 2015
Hey, welcome aboard!

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