Hello everyone!

Hello everyone. I'm new here, and I feel I've stumbled upon something great. I've been building PC's for myself for the past 15 years, but recently I've really gotten into SFF PC's. This forum really changed how I look at dektops.

I'm from Denmark, I'm 29 and I'm working as a substitute teacher. I'm very new to SFF, but I love researching builds and working within restrictive perimeters. It's like puzzles and I'm slowly discovering that I only know a few of the bricks. So far you guys have been super friendly and willing to teach.

I'm dipping my toes into SFF with a modest Chopin build which will hopefully be done soon :)

Thanks for having me,
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May 9, 2015
Welcome to our forum ! If you like building PCs, restrictive perimeters and puzzles, you are in the perfect place ! What we do is basically play 3D Tetris, very slowly and costly :)