Hello everyone

Hi everyone

I've been lurking for a while and thought it makes sense to finally register :)

Been intersted in SFF for quite a while. My first SFF system was the Shuttle SD11G5 in 2005(?) and ever since then I am looking for a good combination of size, noise and performance. I backed the first generation M1 and have built a few system in some more niche cases during the years...

For the last ~4 years I've only be using laptops, so I was quite out of sync with the SFF market. It's great to see how much has changed since then and how many more options there are, both in the mainstream market but especially also how many "boutique" cases exist. What mainly cought my interest tough are some of the cases on taobao, and I couldn't resist ordering them to figure out which will be the perfect fit for my new system.

So - happy to be onboard and looking forward to interesting discussions.