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Hello, and my first tiny mod

Good to be here and I enjoying all the brilliant mods and custom builds here, it's really inspiring.
This is my first build, a Lenovo Thinkstation p320 Tiny (1L) where I removed the stock nvidia quadro P400 with passive cooling and upgraded to the nvidia T600 with active cooling. When I initially tested with the stock case closed the GPU temps were about 10ºC higher than expected under load so I added some extra vents. I hadn't planned to polish the case, but once I had dremmelled the case and could see the raw metal, I thought it might look good with a brushed metal case. It's not perfect, but the temps are good now and I love the look. It's a brilliant Ubuntu box now:-)


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Jun 29, 2015
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Apr 19, 2022
Pics of my first build showing the original passively cooled Quadro P600, then the newer T600 with fan, and the required fan cooling case cutouts which brought the CPU and GPU temps down by about 10ºC under load. These cutouts gave me about the same temps as the case being open. Bit messy though, first time with a Dremel!