Greetings to all small PCs enthusiast

Greetings all,
I'm glad I finally made an account here, after a long time being a guest who only reads and sees PC builds by the members here.
My first sff build was:
Geeek A50,
MSI H67 itx,
i5 3470s,
Kingston 2x 8gb DDR3,
Powercolor RX570 4GB
2x 92mm case fans

I'm trying to DIY CNC aluminum case for the next build and will upgrade in the near future using Intel Gen 11 and Quadro T-series to support my work.


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May 9, 2015
Nice to see you join the discussion !

Be sure to read up on the terms and rules of the forum. Mainly for buying and selling or other commercial activity on the forum as the access is limited and the rules are strictly enforced.

As a new user you're probably not able to edit posts or links just yet, so if a substantial error was made, click the Report-button in the post.

Hope to see you around, enjoy the wonderful world of SFF !