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Jul 12, 2018
Hi all,

In the final throws of assembling the components required for a build in a V5 case. The last purchase is a graphics card. I have been holding off for months now waiting for the new Nvidia GPU's to drop, but given that it is yet to happen in launch prices will be through the roof and availability limited... I'm figuring even if they were released tomorrow, pricing won't stabilize until at least early next year.

Given that it is nearly at the end of life for both current AMD and Nvidia cards, I am looking to price over performance this late in the sales cycle, so the best deals I can see currently are on the two following cards. Neither appear to be on the google spreadsheet floating around the forum, so I guess I am looking for some guidance as to whether either of these will fit? Looking at the google sheet, it appears anything over 135 mm plus in height is a struggle (MSI Gaming X) however does that 135 mm include the bracket size or only consider the PCB size?

With the Vega custom card my issue is more depth, while it is a 2 slot card, the fan shroud looks to be another 5 mm deeper beyond the mounting slots. I was planning to mount a couple of 120 mm fans at the base to improve cooling and airflow into the case, but with this card I fear that may not be possible. Sizes of the two cards are below, would appreciate any feedback or assistance.

Galax nVidia GeForce GTX 1080 EX OC Sniper
Dimensions(with Bracket): 296 x 144 x 43 mm
Dimensions(without Bracket): 282 x 128 x 43 mm

Card size H=53 L=273.8 W=131.6 mm


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Feb 22, 2015
Usually cards are measured exclusive of the bracket, so just the PCB+cooler. This is how the M1 compatibility is figured, as well.

At 128mm tall, that Galax card will itself probably fit, but it has non-recessed PCIe power connectors, which is a problem. They need 15-20mm for the connector housing plus room for the cables to bend, and with the M1 having 140mm available you're only left with 12mm. There are some right angle PCIe power adapters you can find on ebay if you want to go that route, though.

A regular dual-slot GPU leaves about 27mm at the bottom of the case, so anything more than a couple millimeters over dual slot won't leave enough room for fans.


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Jul 7, 2017
A guy over on [H]ard installed the KFA2 1080 EX OC, same card, in the Ncase. He said he just needed to bend the pci wires a bit but they do clear the side panel. Also he needed to remove the side panel plastic clip above the GPU but was able to install it afterwards. Here are some pics.



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Jul 15, 2018
Glad to see you @Cel, didn't realize you were a member here.

Right back at ya :)

I wasn't a member here until 1 minute before that post, but I figured that since you mentioned someone here was asking about it I might as well try to help the poor fellow :)

Know the feeling when all posts are about other brands and sizes, been googling it for 3 days straight before I got my case :D