GPU space in a Lian Li Q21b

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    Hi all,

    I am considering getting a Lian Li Q21B case.

    It states it fits a GPU up to 170mm long, the case is 224mm long and there doesn't appear to be 5 cm of space taken up at the front of the case. Does anyone have one of these cases and know if it can fit longer GPU's? I think that it might be 170mm if you fit a 3.5" drive on the front but it isn't clear. The width is also 149mm, I guess it would be pretty close to fit a Gigabyte 1060/70/80 mini at 131mm wide but has anyone done this and can confirm?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    So, I bought one!

    Cost me £60 including delivery (I bought a new one that had been returned by a customer with no marks/scratches and no missing parts)

    So......The GPU space is enough to fit approximately a 175mm long GPU. This is supported by googling: Lian Li q21 completed builds and someone under the PCPartsPicker site has installed a 1060 EVGA mini. I don't think it would fit if you installed a 3.5" HDD on the front wall of the case.
    It does not have enough clearance for any GPU's that are 131mm wide so no current 1070's/1080's wouldn't fit.

    In my build I have got:

    Thermaltake AXP-100R CPU heatsink/fan (I inverted the fan to blow into the PSU)
    500w Silverstone SX500-LG SFX-L PSU
    240gb M.2 SSD
    120gb SSD mounted to the front panel of the case
    EVGA 1050ti at present

    There was nothing to indicate what size fan it would fit on the bottom with a double thickness gpu so I got a 120 x 25mm...this doesn't fit with a dual slot GPU. 15mm is just too thick with a dual slot GPU, 12mm does fit and I've found a 13mm I'll be trying shortly.

    The build was relatively easy, I managed to keep cables looking tidy, it was quite a squeeze and there were some annoying bits but nothing that couldn't be done with careful thinking and a couple of extra minutes.

    Temps without the fan though are reasonable for the CPU, 30's at idle and 70's under load.
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    Seems RX Vega 56 Nano fits too according to it's specs.
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    I can now confirm 1060 EVGA mini fits :)
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    I have the same case. If you remove the HDD tray in the front the GPU length supported is approximately 190mm...The width is more of a problem. The Gigabyte minis (1070 and 1080) won't fit because they are too wide. I have now a MSI GTX 1060 ITX, but I wonder if a MSI 1070 ITX would also fit? Btw. I managed to mount a 120x120x15mm fan at the bottom. Also I modded the case a little bit and cut a hole in the top to mount an additional 120x120x15 fan to exhaust the hot air. That helped a lot with cooling my 8700K. :)
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    Not sure how much room you have but the MSI 1060 is 115mm while the 1070 is 144mm. I have a 1070 and it is a great card, but is definitely taller.
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    Interesting, I did try a 15mm with the 1050ti EVGA card but it did catch slightly. I now have the 1060 EVGA card but haven’t tried the 15mm fan-maybe I’ll give that another go. For the moment I have a 13mm thick fan in the bottom.

    A fan at the top of the case would have been a good option when they made the case. I still get okayish temps on my 7700k without it though. What cpu cooler did you go for? I managed to find a discontinued version of the axp-100r which is 58mm tall rather than the new ones which are 65mm which has been brilliant but I’d be interested to know what you have on your 8700k

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    I think the case can probably go up to about 125mm height at most, I could always create a cutout in the side panel-could look messy but otherwise it is a shame the 1070/80 wouldn’t fit
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    I delidded my 8700K and went with a Scythe Big Shuriken 2 Rev. B. Mounted a Thermalright 150x140x13mm fan on it (blowing into the PSU) as well as a 70mm fan on the bottom. Along with the 120x120x15mm fan in the top I have no temperature issues.
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    Interesting. I am using a Big Shuriken 2 Rev B with Prolimatech 140mm Vortex, what 70mm fan are you using? Did you do any testing with and without that fan?
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    That's frustrating, I did buy a big shuriken 2 rev B and returned it because I didn't like the sound of the scythe fan, I stupidly didn't try a different fan though! I also recently bought the 150x140x13mm thermalright fan to see if I had space to put it on my axp 100r heatsink. Unfortunately with the adapter it was then too tall. I do love the thermalright fan though!
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    Btw. It says online that the width of the MSI ITX 1070 is 129mm. Did you measure your card and got 144mm? I thought the Gigabyte GPUs are the widest with 131mm and I know they don't fit. How many mm's could be saved if one would remove the shroud on the MSI ITX 1070?
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    You are right it is 129mm, sorry about that Newegg has the incorrect height listed. You can see in the pic that the PCB is nearly as tall as the fan shroud.

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    I have this case and really unimpressed with it, not easy to keep cable runs tidy, not many drive mounting options, thick cable for front panel USB ports make mounting motherboard awkward, regret buying it really but Lian Li brand convinced me it would be well thought out. Not the case it seems. (sorry for pun)
    Length for GPU is actually 173mm
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    It's all about compromise with these case, a thing one should know before ordering.

    120mm fan up top for exhaust, a slim fan underneath the GPU and a slimmer USB 3.0 front panel cable would make everything better with this case IMO
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    Geforce RTX™ 2060 MINI ITX OC 6G !

    L=170 W=121.3 H=36.4 mm

    Hmmm will it fit?