GPU GPU high idling fan speed - theory (sort of)


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Jan 14, 2020
Hi everyone!

As we know, a few GPUs, especially budget and low-profile ones, tend to have a ridiculosly high idling fan speed. I suppose, this is made in order to maintain the longevity of a GPU. As the fan's sleeve bearing wears out, its friction increases, it drops its speed at the same power, and the fan's minimum speed also increases.

This is how I came to this conclusion. Recently I've bought a used low profile Zotac 1050Ti and flashed a modified VBIOS into it, which I've discovered on Reddit. The key feature of this VBIOS is that it sets the minimum fan speed to 30%, which is an improvement over the stock 40%. The thing is that the fans just don't spin at 30%, they only make knocking noise! At 33 to 37% only the fan located over the VRM spins (it also rotates faster than the other on the whole speed range), and at 38% both fans start spinning. At this speed they are still significantly quieter than at 40%, but this is not how the things should be, of course.