Gigabyte RTX 2070 ITX - what is the actual length?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TechCram, Dec 27, 2018.

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    On the website it lists 169.99

    But the previous generation (1060, 1070, 1080)'s listed length did not include the bracket, making the card actually way longer than the specs.

    So is that 169.99 number also just PCB this time around?
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    The Gigabyte Mini's fan shroud made the GTX cards 175 mm. The I/O bracket adds another 10 mm. From the tip of the bracket to the fan shroud, the RTX card should probably be 180 mm - 185 mm.
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    I think 170mm is just the length of the PCB itself.

    I captured a high resolution pic of the back of the card and, with the known dimension of the length of the gold fingers insert, I estimate the length of the card (excluding the bracket) at 172.5mm (length of the backplate). Give or take a couple mm as margin of error, this does seem to indicate the PCB is 170mm long.

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    Anyone have one in hand can measure it? Thanks.