SFF.Network Gigabyte Launches M.2 NVMe SSDs


Master of Cramming
Apr 4, 2018
In my mid-tier "things that give me mild heartburn flareups but only while thinking about it after eating tacos" is the topic of "will I notice a difference by upgrading my SATA m.2 drive to an NVMe m.2 drive?" That anxiety tier warrants a "if I see a lightly used drive on sale for an unbeatable price, I will buy it" tier of desirability. A problem of mine is that I haven't managed my existing drives well (lots of old files/pictures/music etc from old computers that have had their light extinguished) and I don't have a long term plan for what else might go on what drive (those old files/pictures/music came me cannibalizing those dead computers' drives like some kind of unscrupulous mortician).

Anyway, hope these Gigabyte drives can come in at a good price/performance notch. Seems like this market is getting busier all the time and companies are looking for their niche between Samsung and whoever owns the budget line.