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    Hey everyone, first time poster here.

    Quick background, I've long been into systems and operating tweaks but never built a system for myself as I prioritised my job and car.

    Fast forward to the end of 2017 and I gutted my 2010 HP Pavilion and rebuilt it with best-supported components. Shortly after another build followed, and from that I ended up with a Ryzen 1700X / 1070Ti combo (both used) in a Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Shift ITX case. The usual. I got the bug good.

    I've built a few systems for people, and gravitated heavily toward the SFF type system. I see no need for a massive full-form ATX case when most mATX and ITX board offer such good functionality, especially for gamers and 'average' users.

    I love efficiency of design and SFF is a natural progression of that ethos.

    Happy to be here! - boingk
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    What case is that in your avatar?

    And I think you can go to the Off Topic section to about your car too. I bet a few members will be as interested in car as in SFF computer.
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    Thanls tinyitx! Yep, thats her. They are a tall case with a small physical footprint, and a big step down from the traditional ATX-type cases I'm used to.

    The photograph shows the 120mm AIO positioned on the bottom of the case, with the GPU hanging on the rear and PSU off to the side. The board is directly above.
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    Welcome to the forums, and as always, glad to see the community expanding!