GA-H110TN + power brick PSU + HD5450 PCI-e graphics?


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Sep 11, 2019

I am currently using Gigabyte GA-H110TN motherboard, with external power brick/PSU - Fortron V3 19 V, 90 W.
I have a Intel i7-6700t CPU, 2x ddr4 sodimm, mSATA ssd + 2x 2.5" 5400rpm SATA disks.
If i remember correctly, by kill o watt meter, it is more than enough currently.

My plan is to move to Unraid OS, so i could use a GPU passtrough to a VM. With integrated graphics it didnt work, so my second plan is to add a low power HD5450 PCI-E graphics.

But just to confirm, is my solution okey, to run 24/7 or are there some considerations not to do it?

Issues/problems from my view:
1) Is that the 90W power brick enough? I have a larger one also - 150W 19V 7.9A.
2) As i understand, x16 PCI-E graphics card should work on a x4 slot - correct?
3) Should a x4 to x16 riser without additional power work for HD5450?
I currently ordered this one:



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Aug 16, 2017
1. How much is your wall power draw at the moment? If you have 25 to 30W headroom you'd be fine.
2. Yes.
3. For HD5450, non powered riser is enough. First segment of a pcie slot carries all power lanes, so that riser should be able to deliver all power the slot can provide.

Technically speaking, an x4 slot by spec should provide 25W of power, so even then HD5450 with its 19W tdp will run fine.
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Sep 11, 2019
Thank You very much for the reply!!

In idle state around 20-22W, but with some use ~30W.
100% CPU stress test running 15 minutes showd a maximum of 54W.
I also did a test with Intel Process Diagnostic Tool, one of the tests with both CPU + iGPU maxed, it showd almost 70W.