Log G-unique DiY stuffs \\the world first GaN AC-ATX directplug\


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Dec 23, 2016
spend almost a complete april fools day to diy this 90-260Vac in AC-ATX directplug:
the main AC-12V GaN power module is UCC28780 ACF ,NV6117+NV6115,planar transformer,300Khz switching frequency,MP6908 SRic+FDMS86300DC,Kemet KO polymer tantanum capacitors.power density is about 96watts per cubic inch:

about 35mm height and 20mm thick,58mm width:

base on a very compact 12V DC-ATX:

input ac jack can choose C6 C14 or MR30
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Apr 13, 2019
This could be the solution for you x300 APU build. If you just shorten the connections like you did here:



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Mar 24, 2020
This project is absolutely incredible.

Well done - excited to see it implemented in to an APU build - do you have one in mind?
And perhaps a future evolution with low powered discrete graphics support - though I imagine the logistics around getting there are substantial - I think this is the SFF dream, and you are making big strides.


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Aug 21, 2020
I'm thinking of a custom pc design with a half height 1650. Would this be able to power both a 1650 and a Ryzen 3600 or i5-11400f fine?
Basically, the main issue with the design I'm considering is the PSU solution. This seems like it would be perfect for minimizing volume while still retaining a dGPU. (And going with a 1650 and m.2 drives means it would only need 24pin and 8pin for the motherboard - which is perfect)

Really cool to see GaN being used