G-unique DiY stuffs \\MOdded MXM heatsink for Asrock Deskmini GTX\


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Dec 23, 2016
project of mid 2019,custom modded for reference MXM heatsink in Asrock Deskmini GTX.
nickel plated - aluminum top for Vram,mosfet,chokes.nickel plated copper cool plate for GPU die,nicheal plated alu fins or full copper fins ,and reflow soldering them with 3 heatpipe.cooling capability is upto GTX1070 MXM when suffiecent airflow is provided:
finished in home with oven and hot air gun.

black color is painted:

the user choose using a noctua 9015 fan ,so need to adapt the 92mm fan mounting to the 80mm width MXM heatsink by soldering stand-off to the fins.also adjust the fins's height to be fit in deskmini gtx'case:

2 cooler of cpu,gpu almost in same level :

air duct need to be added


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Jan 27, 2017
It's beautiful! I'm still surprised you didn't go with a double solution - A single block for CPU and GPU. I'll be sharing my own design soon, but it's not nearly as professional as yours!