Log G-unique DiY stuffs \\ITXize RTX3070 FE with 5heatpipes &copper fins&Blower fan in 17CM\


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Dec 23, 2016
the only purpose to do this mod is to make a build with RTX3070 in 17cm deep case ,and use blower fan to exhaust hot air out. of the case
pick a RTX3070 FE make sure the length of pcb is actually the same with mITX MB pcb,and make a midframe to mount heatpipes and block to the GPU pcb:

design & arrange the 5 heatpipes like below,technically ,5 heatpipe in Ushape bending can transfer upto 300watts heat,suitable for 220TDP RTX3070:

then Bend them:

reflow soldering nickel plated copper fins onto the heatpipes,also the heatpipes are soldered to the block to minimize thermal resistance:

fins' height is 22mm,width is 110mm ,so i will use a 20mm thick and 10cm diameter big pwm blower to blow cool air into the fins:

looks ok for me:

then paint it to matte black,and mount it onto the midframe:

then mount the midframe onto the GPU pcb:

pick this pwm blower ,it can provide silence in low pwm RPM,and violent airflow at high pwm:

80mm OD,can rotate in low RPM and still offer sufficient air flow:

quick make a fan shroud and painted matte black:

the GPU almost complete covered by the blower and heatsink:
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Jun 11, 2020
Great insights, thank you.
How does the card mount into the case?
Is the fan working properly plug n play with the card? And how are the temps?

... RTX 3070 in 170mm is something I need for my next build.


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Jul 19, 2020
This is glorious. Your mods are next level!
I was considering a similar project to fit a 30XX card in a K39 case but not blower style with a larger area heatsink and slim 120 mm fan. Alas, I lack the skill, time or experience for such a project right now. What temps are you seeing on memory and VRMs? Where do you pick up your rads, blocks and pipes?