Log G-unique DiY stuffs \\G-stick 18cm 600watts for S4M skyreach,installation guide\


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Dec 23, 2016
sure the G-stick is my personal diy product ,and,there are a lot of different size G-stick,the one designed and made for S4m skyreach is 18cm*5cm*3.7cm,work with a special main control version of Archdaemon-R 24pin directplug,and some customed cables.
usually the contents of G-stick 18cm skyreach include below:

a Gstick,10-15cm 24pin directplug w/14awg cable,22cm cpu cable w/16awg cable,30+15cm sata w/20awg cable,35cm XT60 w/14awg cable for GPU,XT60 to pcie 6+2pin or to mini 3.0 12pin pcie conversion cable,35cm mr30 to GX12 or mr30 extension ac-in cable,and GX12 acord cable or mr30 to C6 conversion cable.

Gstick is shipped with a bracket which help mount the stick behind the front of the case.

the bracket has 2 slots for Gstick .so you can slide Gstick to change its position.

no need to show the detail of Archdamon-R plug for Gstick skyreach,just same as all Gunique product ,full of high quality components and with hand made ,soldering custom cables
convert XT60 to dual 6+2pin pcie or 12pin mini pcie

Ac-in cable for Gstick,for example,this is with mr30toGX12-3:

with a long GPU as 210mm,Gstick can be install to the MB side and you need to change the power switch to GPU side.

and with an itx gpu as 17cm or shorter,can keep the switch as its original position:

i think no need to explain how to plug the 24pin directplug and cpu plug into the MB

connect mr30 ac-in cable into the Gstick:

fasten GX12-3 to rear of the case:

seems already finished the installation of Gstick

G-unique DiY stuffs \\G-stick 18cm 600watts for S4M skyreach,installation guide\
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Jun 22, 2018
nope,not enough room for Gstick,but currently a 17cm*5cm*2cm 600watts Flat type G-cake is in progress nearly 60watts per cubic inch power density,very high cost and high end solution

Let me know if you need a tester for the G-Cake!


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Jan 20, 2018
I have a question regarding the use of the GX12-3 connector for this use: from a cursory look around the internet, the versions of this plug I found are rated for 120V RMS and 240V peak. That would make them unsuitable for use on any 230/240V AC mains power system, as peak voltage for those is Voltage * √2, or ~325V and ~340V peak voltage respectively. Are you using a version rated for 240V RMS? Using an underrated AC inlet plug definitely doesn't sound like a good idea to me.
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