Log G-unique DiY stuffs \\750watts 80plus Titanum G-flex psu\


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Dec 23, 2016
size is 18.5cm L 9cm W 4cm H,two temp controlled ultra silent pwm 4cm fan
Flex/1U mounted barcket.
XT90i modular connector(12Vmain GND 12Vsb PS-on)
fully customable modular cables
main-control type 24pin directplug(power by 12Vsb when idle ,and turn on 12Vmain by ps-on signal )

M3 mounting holes for flex/1U:

switch for hiher/lower fan speed,and switch forced turn-on(works as 12V brick always output 12V):

delta OEM dps-750ab-17 80plus Titanum certificated internal citcuit:

XT90i connector(standard type 4.5mm OD plug or high current 6mm OD upgraded plug ):

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Mar 20, 2017
Does this fit a K39/Velka3 lenght wise? In with, it probably blocks of 2.5" support. I'm amazed that a single connector can provide you with MB, CPU, GPU and Sata power. This needs to be adopted by some big name for mainstream.