Closed G-Unique Archdaemon Limited Ed. 450W Ultimate Brick BRAND NEW

Selling a brand new/never used 12 pin G-Unique Archdaemon Limited Edition.

The build I was going to use this for fell through, so I'm not needing it anymore. See info below!

Wire lengths:
(All black wires; see pictures below)
CPU 4+4 - 20 cm
SATA (1) - 35 cm
12 pin DC - 30 cm
2 PCI-e - 50 cm from the DC plug (two 6+2 pin)

w/ Dell 450W Ultimate Adapter (highest Gury offers)

This cost me around $240 with shipping to the US from China. I would prefer to recoup as much as possible, but I would be willing to let this go for about $190 and I'll cover shipping to the US. You basically save $50 and the time it would take to order and deliver (about 5-6 weeks).

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