FTZ01 - Ryzen ITX Upgrade CPU Cooler & RAM Help


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Mar 31, 2018

Looking for some help for an old ITX that was cobbled together which is in need of an upgrade. It is currently being used for Plex and gaming. It tends to inherit parts from my main gaming rig which is M-ATX

Currently using an AMD Athalon 760K/ GPU R7 260X which is cooled by a Noctua L9x65. i am planning to upgrade the rig to the following parts.

1. Ryzen 3 1300x - Which id like to overclock to 3.7 or higher on all cores
2. AsRock - AB350 Gaming-ITZ/ac Mini ITX AM4 Mobo

1. A CPU cooler which is more capable of Overclocking - Under 83mm
2. DDR4 RAM 2x4GB that can be succesfully clocked higher with this Mobo between 2666-3000
3. An SFX or SFX-L PSU recommendation to replace/improve on the old silverstone 450 gold unit with 80mm fan

If you have any good suggestions id be happy to hear them
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Dec 10, 2016
First thing: Save a bit and get the 1200.Clocks up to the same but tends to run cooler and use less power.
Second: The Wraith cooler supplied is very decent and should handle that overclock with no issues. At least give it a try first.
I have that board with that CPU and 2x8GB Crucial ballistic sport LT, which clocks straight to 2933 on 1.35 volts.....very decent ram and not too silly a price. I suggest you try for 2x8GB rather than 2x4GB
Third.....never keen on SFX type PSUs, I would suggest a G-Unique set up..........no fans, no coil whine, cool.
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