Front IO panel shifts when pushing headphone jack into audio port


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Dec 17, 2019
I have the V6, and because the audio port is a bit tight, I have to push a little harder to fit the headphone jack into it when plugging in my headphones. However this causes the front IO panel to shift slightly back so it no longer sits nice and flush with the front panel shield on the case. Everything is basically shifted, including usb ports and power button. Amount of shift is a few millimeters.

EDIT: actually this caused my mic on the headphone cable to not work (which caused a big headache because I thought it was a problem with my headphone cable, until I bought a new one and it still didn't work) then I took the front shield off and plugged the headphone jack in again and the mic finally worked, so I guess it wasn't inserted fully all the way due to the front io shield and the shifting.

Is there any recommendation how to resolve this? (i.e. keep it from shifting slightly back into the case)
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