Advice Formd-T1 : power button and air cooled build info


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Apr 14, 2020
Hi everyone,

I'm looking at the formd-T1 builds and there is something i don't understand on many posts : the power button is not plugged on many builds and people explain that they are wainting for the actual power button to be shipped.
Can someone explain me why the case would not be shipped with the power button ? or why people can't use the power button and cable shipped with the case ?

I'm also looking to determine the components i may choose for my build and most of the builds are using AIO or 240 custom loop. I'm looking for a silent and simple build. The Corsair H60 is not my plan A as we can't administrate the fan curve. And a 240 custom is too complicated for me to build.

So i'm looking for an aircooled build. I have not found many information on air cooled builds. Ca you help me ?
- CPU : I have always used intel CPU, the PC will mainly be used for gaming and as an HTPC. So i was thinking to choose an intel again. What do you think about it ? Intel ? 10700k? other ?
- PSU : Corsair SF 750
- MB : depending on the CPU what is the best MB for this case
- CPU cooler : noctua nh-l12s
- RAM : 16 or 32 corsair LPX
- HD : i would like to go with 2 nvme. Some say the nvme at the back of the MB is not a good idea (high temp). How does it go with the T1 ? Any model to recommend ?
- Fan case : noctua NF-A12x25 seems the best option in any case
- GPU : i will probably use my current one for the moment and buy a 30XX when they arrive

Thx for your answers and help
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Mar 14, 2019
Besides Brude27, do you know anyone else using an all aircooling T1?
It really is shocking how little there is in the way of examples for air cooling in the T1. Brude is the MVP here. I am blown away by the thermals he shared. I would love to see it in action because I almost don't believe it.