Concept FormD T1 EVO (aka T1 V2.0 and P1)


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Jan 6, 2019
Wrong thread haha. The 2.0/EVO is still a long ways away, whereas the 1.5 should be fairly soon.
Nah I think they're in the right thread. They want to know if when the EVO comes out, if they will still have their priority status from their canceled T1 v1.1 order, because it is such a long ways away, and W360 did say that priority status could be used for v1.2 or v2.0, which eventually became v1.5 and EVO respectfully.
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Mar 6, 2021
I would love to see the redesign have size improvements to fit SFX-L psu and full size fans for the AIO and that it. Case was perfect otherwise!