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Production FormD T1 Classic (READ FIRST POST)

Increase volume from 9.8L to 10.5L to support MSI Suprim X 30XX?

  • Yes, worth the trade off to be more compatible with components

    Votes: 110 24.3%
  • No, not worth it b/c it is not better than the ROG 30XX, which fits now at <10L

    Votes: 342 75.7%

  • Total voters


a.k.a W360
Original poster
Feb 23, 2015
If we get the T1-reference for it's better 3080FE suitability, are we still able to fit an AIO 240 or 280 to cool the CPU? I assume not as the GPU will be in it's position in the T1-Reference. Or can it fit somewhere else?

You can fit a 280 radiator in T1-Reference.

You can also fit a 280 radiator in T1-Sandwich.


a.k.a W360
Original poster
Feb 23, 2015
What about a kit to convert T1-Sandwich to T1-Reference? Is that going to be available at one point? I apologize if I misunderstood something.

Good question, yes, same time for 2022.

Basically, I want to focus on the standard T1 configurations and make sure it’s all good this year before I spend time on accessories.


Master of Cramming
Jan 6, 2019
I already hate myself for asking such a pedantic question, but:

Does the opposite also apply? Upgrade kit to convert T1-Sandwich to T1-Reference?

I'm almost certain I am aiming for T1-Sandwich for dual-rad, but the possibility of T1-Reference for big air cooling would be a great option to be able to convert to down the line.
He just answered that right above you lol
Yes, there will be kits to go from Reference to Sandwich, as well as from Sandwich to Reference


Average Stuffer
Jun 8, 2020
Sorry to bother you with this stupid question, but does the unibody panel look like the 1.1 panel or is it completely different ? 😅


Trash Compacter
Sep 2, 2020
My ideas for EVO has been infused into the current T1 V2.0, at least sub 10L feature.

The 15L and 25L features for the EVO will split into 2 other separate products.

OK that all makes sense.
So with that all in mind, could you guide me to which size I should use my "cancelled" T1 priority status on?

I would like the option to use a full size GPU (I currently have a more reasonably-sized 3080FE) and full thickness fans on a standard thickness 240mm radiator (280mm would be a bonus).
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