FormD T1 - 9.5L with UNLIMITED space!! - 3950X+64GB Ram+2GPUs - TITAN V FULL watercooled+TITAN RTX!! Fill the void 2.0


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Mar 19, 2020
Sure. No problem mate. Just asking for an improvement if this fittable or not. Apologize if I sounded rude
Your comment was in no way rude man, no need to apologize. It's just that it's documented on all these pages in the thread. You might want to read every single page, if you really want to get a better understanding about the various iterations of this build.
On the fit part - it may fit with sanded down slim fans. But I don't know and can't guarantee.
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Jan 9, 2022
It would be cool if this guy would share the quantity of fittings/items in front of each part.

Which offset of Bitspower various extender did you use 7mm or 14mm? Quantity 2?

Thank you!