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Jul 24, 2020
Hi everyone

I am looking on building my first portable gaming PC. Been a laptop user my entire life and I'm just tired of running everything on lowest resolution and switching laptops every 2-3 years plus not being able to replace parts. With Cyberpunk coming out I am deciding I need to get a beast of PC to play this game on proper quality and fps.

Currently I have a FormD T1 in shipping and also a NR200 (which I ordered before, because I couldn't get the FormD T1) - I was also considering the DanCase A4. However seeing the new 3000 series graphics cards, I think I will struggle to fit it in there and it seems like the FormD T1 has better cooling. I will probably start building in the NR200 until I can perfect the FormD T1 build. Or maybe also get the DanCase A4.

I will most likely be running games at 1080p as I don't see the big difference and I don't own a 4k monitor (yet).

I am hoping to get my hands on either a 3070 or 3080, depending on what is available. Or whatever AMD tosses out. For me what's important is the price to performance ratio.

I play mainly Apex Legends & CSGO and I will be playing thousands of hours of CYBERPUNK. However I am planning for this setup to replace my Playstation, so I will also be playing Assassins Creed Valhalla, Odyssey etc.

Now to the important stuff. Which parts should I put into the mini-itx setup, being a complete beginner in this area. Here are my thoughts:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3600x or 3700x - I don't think I will need to go all out and get a 3900x CPU?
MOBO: MSI B550-i or B450 - Which to chose? And which manufacturer, I'm getting confused by the thousands of different models. I just need quite a few USB ports for my mouse, keyboard, headset, as I run a full wireless setup.
RAM: 2x 16gb or 2x 32gb? - What speed should I look for? I suppose I need to find Ultra Low Profile Ram?
SSD/NVME: Whats the difference and what has a good speed to price ratio. I will need a lot of TB as I am away from internet for months at a time, so I preinstall games.
FANS: It seems I need to get 2x Noctua A12x15, correct?
CPU Cooler: NO IDEA!? What will fit in the FormD T1?
Wifi Extenders: Which and where? :)

As you can see I am quite a beginner and a bit confused. I have read a lot about it, but there are just sooooo many options. I am hoping some smart people here can help get me with how to chose the right parts.

All your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :)
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