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Author: Chris (aka Revenant)
Alder Lake is upon us and has set the small form factor world on fire. Well, maybe not on fire but damn close as the 12900K can easily hit 100C even with a 360mm distinctly-not-SFF AIO. Still, because of this Chernobyl reactor fire of a CPU, we are treated to the new Z690 chipset which offers some compelling new features. MSI has put together one of the most interesting and compelling Z690 ITX boards so far, so let’s take a quick look at it before I start torturing it on our test bench.
Thanks to MSI for sending us this review sample. Credit goes to MSI for not including any conditions or restrictions. They simply sent it.


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Caliper Novice
Jan 17, 2017
Great! I'm looking forward to this! I'd be very interested in the performance of the little chipset fan as I'm planning to use this for a silent built. And the performance of the M.2 heat sinks in comparison to those you get with some M.2 drives.