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Closed [EU-UK] 16gb (2x8) Samsung B-die memory kit

More clearing out do do, got a highly binned B-die kit to offer for sale.
I'm only moving these on as I've moved to 32gb in my rigs.


On AMD you'd have to manually set the frequency and timings to run 1-1 at your desired FCLK as the profile is 4400. Works perfectly at 3800 C16, 3600 C16, 3200 C14, just like the B-die kits of these speeds.(never tried more and never used more than 1.4v. the safe 24/7 limits for B-die is up to 1.55v)

On Z490 just enable XMP and away you go 10xxx CPU's work fine with the XMP profile

It's a quality B-die kit with guaranteed headroom for future builds.
This kit is brand new, was basically used for a few hours testing, then put back in it's box.
Retail boxed and complete.
£90 £80 inc Del in the UK

I'm also happy with a Covid safe collection, I live near Preston in Lancashire
I have no issue shipping these anywhere in the EU at cost, not just selling to UK only here ;)
UK payments via PPG, rest of EU Paypal +fee's

Also advertised elsewhere
Thanks for looking :)

Sold Elsewhere !!
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