Dust filters?


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Dec 12, 2018
DEMCiflex makes great filters I have a full compliment of fillers on my M1 that has been running for almost a year and I have yet to clean any dust from the inside. They cut down 90-95% of dust if you have positive pressure in the case and clean them every couple of weeks or so. I have also used them in my previous build based on Define R5 and I only cleaned the inside once in 3 years I had it.

A little note though, they tend to size their filters on the OD of the opening mostly, I prefer to go with ID so not to impede airflow. You can do that by searching stock sizes and matching them to the dimensions of openings on your case or custom ordering.

I you are interested I can post pictures of the inside of my case, filters and exact specifications of what I ordered?


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Mar 20, 2018
I sent my back since it didn't even come close to fitting the top panel. It was cover at least an inch of the vent holes. It was also impossible to apply.


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Jun 24, 2018
I personally DON'T USE, LIKE or recommend filters.

Gains: temps go up by around 6c for long gaming sessions with filters but without it my cpu is under 62c and my gpu under 67c with 30ish noise db, my pc is right next to me so i rather keep a cool and quieter case.

Downside: I have to open and thoroughly clean the case at least onece a month as it gets really dusty but the case is small enough to clean in a few mins plus its a good habit.

btw all of my fans are intake except for the psu, its flipped to help with exhaust it make a little difference but everything helps. i know 30 db is not quiet but ive seen louder with higher temps
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