SFF.Network DREVO Launches the BladeMaster on Kickstarter

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DREVO Pitches Its Ultimate Gaming Keyboard with
Genius-Knob on Kickstarter - DREVO BladeMaster

DREVO has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its breakthrough gaming keyboard named
BladeMaster, featuring a programmable knob and some self-developed techs. As a forum-based
team that has spent 14-month on this project and gathered suggestions from thousands of users,
obviously there should be some surprises waiting for us to explore.
Kickstarter link: https://kck.st/2qZ0eM1

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Cable-Tie Ninja
Nov 19, 2016
Looks interesting, but as with all these specialty keyboards it lacks support for my specific region (although they appear to cover the major markets, not just US/UK). A bit too edgy design for my taste, but it could weigh it up with the on-board macro-utilities.


Airflow Optimizer
Feb 22, 2017
A bit too edgy design for my taste, but it could weigh it up with the on-board macro-utilities.

Couldn't agree more with this. The edge is a little much for me, too. I do like the fact that the wheel really has the opportunity to engage the left hand (on us right-handed mouse users) for ergonomic reasons. The fact the wheel is on the left side may present some annoyances for the lefty, though.

Scrolling with the wheel can ease up on the stress of scrolling with the mouse-wheel as well, however it is just another location for PU/PD in that application. It would be really cool if the wheel had a continuous function (versus the discrete clicks of spinning the wheel), but of course that takes more money for everyone. Think of the fine-grading possibilities for photo editing or precision movement applications, etc.

Either way, good to have another keyboard manufacturer making interesting products.
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Average Stuffer
Mar 20, 2017
Would go very well with the current Alienware laptops.



Master of Cramming
Feb 14, 2017
This pretty much covers all of my wants, even if the look is a bit too aggressive. Guess I'll be ordering one...


Minimal Tinkerer
Apr 24, 2017
looks cool, are the switches swappable? I wish this had low profile switches and then it'd be perfect for me. I guess I can try low profile caps on them but I'm really used to low travel distance.


Trash Compacter
Jan 31, 2016
I just pledged on the Kickstarter campaign and really looking forward to this KB. I've been wanting to clean up my desktop and going to a wireless semi-compact KB like this should get me one step closer.


Airflow Optimizer
Feb 26, 2017
This looks amazing! And with a 4,00mAh battery, it should last much longer than the Calibur or the Anne Pro or even the K63 wireless.