Does this idea work for SFF SLI?


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Jan 5, 2017

I had a lot of downtime at work today and had an idea for laying out a case to accommodate two GPUs in a SFF case.

The rough layout I just hacked up is at an internal ~6.85L at 275mm * 274mm * 91 mm in a sort of 'short cube' format.

Here's a few poor pictures of my dummy in Tinkercad, I used the dimensions from I think EVGA's 1080 for the cards, SSD and HDD (orange and red, respectively) from this site, just using the largest heights even though they seem unrealistic. Depending on the kind and size of disks intended to be included, you can more efficiently arrange them.

I used a mITX 170mm * 170mm motherboard layout, but I don't believe any mITX boards actually have two expansion slots for GPUs. If you're only including SSDs or M.2 drives, you can easily make room for a longer motherboard. You could always keep your HDD towards the front of the case like the one in the front in my example.

The biggest question/complication of laying out your SLI cards like this is, I don't know that there are any SLI bridges that allow for the GPUs to be laid out like this.

Anyways, the idea for the actual case is to have a roughly flat piece that accepts the motherboard risers and has a back plate for the I/O shield and slots for your GPUs, the flat piece separates the compartments of the CPU and GPUs but has room for you to route cables and your PCI-E risers.

That's pretty much the entirety of the idea I had, I don't have any intent of developing a project from this and am sharing in the event that someone finds this interesting or inspiring. You're totally welcome to take this idea and run with it if you see any merit to it.

Looks like @LukeD is already on top of this idea!
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