Image Credit – Devyn Johnston
Devyn Johnston has done a very nice open frame build with an XWORKS X32 SFF PC. For the build he used a Zotac RTX 4060 SOLO paired with a Ryzen R5- 7600. The end result is quite a nice little showcase build that performs quite well, and comes in at about 4L.
…well…open frame cases are technically whatever the size of the room they’re in. But I digress…
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Trash Compacter
Mar 18, 2022
I've been using an X32 for a quick and dirty VMWare ESXi host on my desk (5700G, 64GB DDR4).

After disassembly and reassembly several times (mostly to troubleshoot the riser and riser+bifurcation adapters I was testing for my use case) I ended up replacing most of the screws with regular ones that can be picked up with a magnet.

I definitely like the quick access to the PCI-E slot but do wish the case were enclosed at times. The hidden cabling and 2.5" drive mounts are also handy though I would have liked seeing how much thinner the "case" could be without the "crawl space" Essentially like the ZS A4DC but allowing for full height cards.

Taken one step further, imagine a ZS A4DC that takes a MATX or Deep ITX motherboard and a 245mm GPU in this layout. Potentially a 4-5.x L case that could offer 4 DIMM

Here's a few potato pics of my build

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