Desk size vs SFF case size

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    If your SFF case sits on your desk (ie the main working desk which you use daily), what is the size of your desk and the footprint of your SFF case? I am just curious to know how much space does a SFF case occupy a SFFer's main desk.

    My desk is 153cm x 69cm.
    My case is a test bench and is not SFF. Its footprint is 360mm x 270mm.
    So, it is about 9% of the desk surface area.

    I am going to build a ITX test bench (230mm x 190mm) in Q4 and will reduce the % down to 4.
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    My complete desk is 240cm x 80cm, which has various PCs on there. The area I use for my main PC that doesn't include the other builds is about 160cm x 80cm (128 dm²), of which the Cerberus X is taking 172mm x 358mm (6,16dm²) according to specs. So it's about 4,8% in volume in my situation.

    dm² = square decimeters
    0,1m = 1dm = 10cm = 100mm
    0,01m² = 1dm² = 100cm²
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    My desk is literally made from a standard 8ft door. It's way too god damn big for what I like to have on it lmao.
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    I don't have the dimensions handy, but my desk is an Ikea Galant (the corner one), so it's not the most massive desk you've seen, but isn't exactly small. I run 3 monitors, though, so I do need the space.
    PC's actually on the floor, though, which is probably a bad idea.
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    My desk is 60"x30", but it has about a 6" deep curve cut into the front.

    My pc is a vertical NFC-S4 mini, so it takes up 2.5"x8.85".
    I've got a 27" wide screen monitor, a 2.1 sound setup (sub is behind the monitor), and a full size keyboard. I'm getting a split tenkeyless keyboard soonish though because the full size just takes up too much space and I never use the numpad.

    I wish I hadn't gotten a desk with a curve cut into it though, I have to sit closer to my monitor than I'd like to.
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    Even though the footprint of a SFF case is usually small, I still would prefer a tall slender SFF case over a low sitting long SFF case as the footprint of the former is even smaller.
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    Door from your local home improvement store and ikea legs make some of the nicest diy desks around! Also galvanized threaded pipes work well for making desk legs for your door.

    I rock some 2x4s and salvage plywood in the classic “L” shape myself.

    Two PCs , monitors , peripherals. S4M and Cerberus x.
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    Desk: 120cm x 48cm
    Case:12cm x 32cm
    amount of desk space used: ~7%

    Wall mounted monitor and all wireless componets make it bearable..... still wish I had a bigger desk.
  9. Smanci

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    Desk: 0,48m²
    Case: 0,048m²

    = Oddly satisfying
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    Desk = 0.72m²
    Case = 0.03m² , ~4%

    I'm considering standing the DeskMini vertically, which would mean 0.012m², or ~2% of my desk space.

    My Deskmini sits under my monitor (which is mounted on a monitor arm).
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    The first worldiest of decisions. :)
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    This thread is like the holy grail of sffness. When you are worried about using 4% vs 2% of your desk space, you know that you really are dedicated!
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