Desk/setup plans and advice


Cable-Tie Ninja
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Mar 6, 2017

I want to get a new desk that I can change the height. I want the desk's plane to be at the level where my keyboard drawer is currently because that's where my arms and legs are in a good ergonomic position, but this monitor stand I want to use is too tall, but would likely be perfect height if it was resting at the height my keyboard is at.

A super cheap and janky solution would be for me to saw off the feet to the desk. I got this desk as a gift somewhere around 15 years ago so it would suck if I botched such an operation, but the far more expensive solution is a modern desk with height adjustment features.

Enough of the desk though, my plans for my PC are to get a low-profile PC case that can reside underneath that stand in the picture. For reference I've provided a 45cm ruler and the gutted remains of my old Alienware X51.

IDK what kind of low profile case to get. The Zaber Sentry is waaay too expensive. For half the price I could get the Fractal Design Node 202 (PSU included) or there's some RVZ things from Silverstone. What do you recommend? The entire reasoning for the stand is that there's all these low profile cases out there, but you aren't supposed to rest your monitor on top of them.

That's the exact setup I used with my old (older than the Alienware X51) HP 6005 Compaq Pro because it had side intakes, so to me not being able to mount your monitor on top of your low-profile case is a huge oversight of what I consider to be the best position for such a case. This stand that used to hold an old CRT television seemed like the ideal (forgot to mention free) solution to me.