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Prototype DAN HSLP-48: A powerful sub 50mm heatsink


Shrink Ray Wielder
Original poster
DAN Cases
Feb 23, 2015

DAN Cases is back with a new idea...

This time I try to develop the best CPU heatsink under 50mm. The aim is a heatsink that keeps the temperatures up to 15°C lower than existing competitors like the C7 or L9i. Furthermore I will focus on noise level, because current heatsinks that come close to the side panels in cases like A4-SFX or Sentry generate some disturbing noise because of air turbulence


The project name is HSLP-48 (HeatSinkLowProfile-48). The current design is based on Nexus Low 7000 R2 series but the HSLP-48 is wider. The idea is a heatsink with a sandwich layout. On the bottom there is the CPU plate with six heatpipes, after that a 100mm FAN (92mm mountpoints) with a thickness of 14-15mm and on top 60 fins with a thickness of 18,5mm. The total hight will be 47-48mm. The fins will be above the RAM and the I/O area (audio, USB s.o.) of the motherboard. The fan will be mounted with two clips. The clips allows you to mount the fan centered or you can shift it to the left or right side. You will be able to mount 92mm, 100mm or 120mm fans. You can mount a full size 120mm fan on top or a low profile 120mm fan (max. 15mm) under the heatsink. The distance from the fan to the side panels will be min. 16mm so it will not generate air turbulence. I plan to cooperate with CoolJag (the company that mades the Nexus) on this project.


Socket Support: 1155. 1151, 1150, 1156, 2011 square and narrow Ilm, AM4
Total Dimensions: 48 (H) mm x 121 (W) mm x 145 (L) mm - including heatpipes
Fin Area Dimension: 16 (H) mm x 121 (W) mm x 116,5 (L) mm, 59 fins
Material: copper base, copper heatpipes, aluminum fins
Heatpipes: 6x 6mm heatpipes up to 180W
Total Surface: ~114.000mm²
Price Tag: 50-70€


The heatsink should be as compatible as possible. You can use RAM with normal height, you will have full access to the PCIe port. You can access the SATA ports (in some cases you need angled connectors). The heatsink will work on boards with the socket close to the PCIe port and close to the topside. If the 100mm fan will not fit between the I/O area and RAM (ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Impact) you can use a default 92mm fan. If you have more space you can mount a 120mm on top. Currently there is only one board from the Z270 series that gives problems. I talk about the ASUS ROG Strix Z270I Gaming. The CPU phase heatsink is too high. Some users mention that the Nexus will fit. If this is true, the HSLP-48 will also fit. I will not make a heatsink that only fits in the A4-SFX. I think a heatsink will have a high MOQ so I need to sell more heatsink as we have A4-SFX currently on the market.


How much space is between FAN and bottom plate?

How much space is under the fan?

Is it possible to unscrew the heatsink without removing the motherboard?
Yes, because the heatsink is secured with two screws on a retention kit

Why there is a small cut on each side of the fin surface?
You will need that gap for your screw driver to mount the heatsink.

Is a full copper version an option?
Yes if it will be inside my price range!

When will this heatsink reach the market?
Currently I don't have a manufacturer and a prototype. So the release can be in the next 6 month or never if the results of the prototype are bad.

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King of Cable Management
Sep 26, 2015
The last two evenings i worked on the new heatsink.

The current heatsink with have the project name HSLP-48. It based on the AXP-100, but it is bigger and has nearly the same size as the Nexus. Currently I plan to work together with Thermalrigt so I can bundle it with the TY-100 FAN. The fan will be mounted with anti vibration rubbers so you can mount the fan in that position you need it. The heatsink will support normal RAM height. Here are some renderings. I will open a new thread in the next days.

@dondan You could increase the potential sales if you made it compatible with the S4 Mini...

On the topic of custom heatsinks, it looks like the guy who made the Dan A4 case is getting ready to ship a custom cooler he made in cooperation with Thermalright:


Annoyingly the name of it would indicate it is 48mm high (which is the max height of the Dan A4, and as we know the S4 is 45mm.

Still, neat to see, and I guess it could work on this too if you hit the fins with a belt sander:

Maybe he could make a last min change? I would if I was making a cooler like that.


Silver Supporter
Apr 30, 2016
It's hard to be sure from the angles on the renders but it seems like there miiiiight be ~3+mm between the fan and the base of the heatsink, maybe the fin stack could be lowered 3mm?
That way you wouldn't lose surface area but would gain compatibility, unless it would cause issues with the fan. (maybe it would complicate the install?)


SFF Guru
Jun 22, 2015
Dan stated he would soon start a new HS thread on [H], for those who want to chime in.

EDIT: Missed Dan's cross-post above.


Trash Compacter
Dec 17, 2016
You have to stay out of certain clearance zones on the mainboard, I'm pretty sure the fan is about as low as it can be already.
The keepout zone depicted in https://smallformfactor.net/forum/resources/intel-lga1150-heatsink-keep-out-zone.55/ suggests that the fan underneath already intersects with motherboard components. Even if the fan were centered, it's too large; as the keepout zone's diameter is 95mm and extends at least 25.4mm above the board's surface. This fan is 100mm (108.25mm x 101.5mm w/ housing).

Edit: this review depicts why it would be difficult to fit the fan underneath: http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/5216/thermalright-axp-100-low-profile-cpu-cooler-review/index6.html
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FlexATX Authority
Feb 28, 2015
The keepout zone depicted in https://smallformfactor.net/forum/resources/intel-lga1150-heatsink-keep-out-zone.55/ suggests that the fan underneath already intersects with motherboard components.

It could, but on most mainboard there's at least one orientation where this fan should fit, as the fan at least seems to be high enough to clear the capacitors and inductors close to the CPU socket.

Does thermalright have a compatibility list like Noctua for that cooler?


King of Cable Management
Sep 26, 2015
The capacitors keep-out area is 10.1mm above the surface of the PCB. The socket with a CPU in it extends to almost that high, where the only coolers that will have an issue with that are the mITX ones that are basically flat across the bottom.

So long as there is a way to avoid memory and heatsinks, fitment should be fine. But, that's easier said than done...
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Innovation through Miniaturization
Feb 1, 2016
Noctua doesn't make a 100mm fan? Also out of curiosity, this looks like a great candidate for the new 120mm x 15mm Noctua. Will it fit and if so, what would RAM clearance be?


Shrink Ray Wielder
Original poster
DAN Cases
Feb 23, 2015
@VisualStim I didn't developed a 100mm fan this is a often used 100mm fan from a oem labeled with a cooljag logo. Not special it is only for testing. I plan to sell the heatsink without a fan included.

@Kmpkt You need low profile ram. But yes it will fit